1. LiDAR Technology Offers Practical Solutions To Your Mapping Needs Are inventory costs killing you? Frustrated that you can’t seem to get reliable, operational scale maps produced despite all that mapping technology your staff is using? A solution is finally available!
    Airborne Laser Technology (LiDAR) Lights Up Forestry Mapping in Indonesia In 2010, an innovative technology began assisting with the assessment of existing forest conditions as well as establishing a viable approach to long term monitoring to support the management of natural forests in Indonesia. With the ability to rapidly collect highly accurate three-dimensional information of the forest from aircraft flying three-quarters of a kilometer above the tree tops and traveling at nearly 200 km per hour, the laser technology known as LiDAR is likely to make a significant impact in overcoming the challenges faced by government agencies, commercial forest managers, and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) as they move to support reducing emissions from deforestation and degradation, or REDD+ initiatives.
    Malaysia Launches New Project to Map Sabah Malaysia has launched Digital Sabah, a project that aims to take the mapping of Sabah, on Borneo, to a new level. It will involve a synthetic aperture radar view of the topography. It is the first time that the Malaysian government has allowed aerial data to be acquired and then distributed to a large number of parties.
    Digital Sabah Program Digital Sabah is an innovative program developed by Intermap Technologies Inc and Credent Technology. The goal of the program is to address both the needs of the Government of Sabah and the industry by cost sharing.
    Newsletter Issue #1 Welcome to Credent Technology and our new eNewsletter. Our goal with this publication is to provide you with on-going information on how we work with clients to provide innovative geospatial solutions, both products and services, throughout Asia. Our eNewsletter will present you with application articles, quick links to additional information, and share current news and events.
    Newsletter Issue #2 Welcome to this edition of Credent Technology’s eNewsletter. In this version, we have focused on the application of airborne LiDAR surveys for tropical forestry, due in part to the significant changes taking place with management of these forests, both in terms of trying to maximize economic value and also in attempting to minimize the environmental and social impacts of harvest activities. Our feature article provides an in-depth look by two industry experts at a recent LiDAR acquisition in Kalimantan, Indonesia, and provides some examples of the information that can be derived from a LiDAR over flight that is beneficial to foresters.
    Newsletter Issue #3 Welcome to the latest edition of Credent’s LiDAR newsletter. At this time we would like to bring our readers up to date with the events of the first half of 2011 during which we continued to focus on LiDAR in tropical forestry; a field where we are developing unique expertise and desire to share our knowledge with industry.