Credent Purchases Survey Aircraft

August 2011, Singapore – Credent Technology Asia announces the purchase of a new survey aircraft to support its airborne data acquisition services in South East Asia. Credent selected the Cessna 208B, also known as a Grand Caravan, due to its extraordinary reputation for safety, efficiency and ruggedness. Far from rugged however is the VIP cabin configured with executive leather seats, refreshment centre, and polished wood trim. “We need a multi-role aircraft that performs efficiently as a survey platform while also appealing to the needs of executive charter clients” said Bill Love, Managing Director and Chairman of Credent. “The turbine engine is a key factor for both performance and safety and we had to break the dependency on AVGAS [aviation gasoline used in standard piston engines] which has to be shipped and trucked to the project site - wasting valuable time” explained Love. “AVTUR [also known as Jet fuel] which is used by nearly all jet and turboprop aircraft is available at every airfield regardless of size” he added.

Credent’s growing lidar business in Indonesia will occupy most of the aircraft hours and any balance is expected to be sold as charter flights to executive clients in the mining, oil & gas and plantation industries.

As a survey aircraft, the Caravan’s high-wing configuration offers a stable platform with an economical survey speed of 130kts and ferry cruise at 170kts. The new caravan will be equipped with a so called “glass” cockpit meaning, all digital displays including high definition colour weather radar, traffic advisory & warning system, oxygen (for high altitude ferry flights) and air conditioning. A large sensor port with electronic sliding doors will be installed in the hull to accommodate a range of different sensors that can be installed and operated simultaneously. “This will be a superb aircraft” said Love. “It seems like overkill for a survey aircraft but we are totally focused on safety, efficiency and long term protection of our investment”, he said.

Credent has already hired a Chief Pilot and Mechanic. “A brilliant aircraft is of little use without a good pilot and we have been fortunate to recruit an exceptional captain with survey experience” said Love.

The brand new aircraft was ordered directly from Cessna and will be delivered later this year to be based at Halim airfield, near Jakarta.

About Credent Technology (Asia) Pte Ltd
Credent offers airborne LiDAR, colour and colour infrared imagery collections for 3D mapping projects. The resulting products are used in forestry, mining, energy transmission, transportation, environment impact studies, cadastral mapping flood mapping and mitigation, and urban planning. Credent has been a leading provider of geospatial solutions and services in the region for 25 years.