Digital Elevation Models (DEM); High-Res Colour & Near Infra-Red (NIR) Photography; GeoSpatial Information

Our forte is collection of imagery and spatial information by aerial survey in the challenging tropical environment of south-east Asia.

We offer services to collect, process, value-add and deliver imagery and a variety of 3-D spatial information in common industry formats or as complex finished information products.

We can acquire high-resolution aerial photography, oblique photography, multi-spectral imagery and LiDAR supporting the production of orthophoto, DEM/DSM and all manner of value-added 3-D spatial information products, analysis and reports subject to client needs.

Drawing on our extensive experience in handling spatial data, we adopt a consultative, flexible and creative approach to understanding and delivering client solutions.

Our survey missions are managed with the highest commercial grade inertial navigation (INS), precision GPS and state of the art processing techniques to ensure optimal quality data delivered in the shortest time and most efficient economy.

Equipment & Platform

We have a plan for continual renewal and upgrade of equipment, processing software and techniques. Currently we operate a high-end Optech ALTM LiDAR system and low-end Riegl corridor mapping LiDAR. We have a multi-spectral imaging and orthophoto capability using medium format metric camera which can be operated simultaneously with LiDAR or flown independently.

Our aircraft is a Cessna Grand Caravan 208B turboprop delivered in 2012, equipped with 2 x 21" survey holes each supplied with independent 28v 50A max load power; and L1/L2 GPS antennae. The aircraft has a Garmin 1000 glass cockpit, weather radar and sophisticated autopilot.