About Us

Specialists in Aerial Survey Acquisition & Aviation

Credent is a leading spatial information technology provider in south-east Asia. Headquartered in Singapore since 1984, we have long been recognized among the nation's leading 500 small-medium enterprises (SME).

We have vast experience in the application of geo-spatial technologies across a range of industries encompassing forestry, mining, energy, infrastructure and agriculture.

We focus on the application of aviation & survey technologies to provide specialised solutions for survey professionals and users of spatial information.

30 Years of Innovation

Credent is a dedicated group of technology professionals drawing on 30 years of corporate experience in providing spatial technology solutions to government and the private sector.

Our history of innovation includes the design and implementation of IT systems for complex applications such as land information, asset management, national mapping and environmental management for major government and corporate clients across south-east Asia.

Always an Eye on the Future

As markets and economies develop, Credent has focused its core competency from implementation of geographic information systems to specialized collection services for the data that these systems ingest.

While south-east Asia is a region of great potential it presents many challenges. Credent has a keen sense for change and has never failed to adapt and evolve with market needs and trends to satisfy its customers and stakeholders.