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Welcome to Credent Technology and our new eNewsletter.  Our goal with this publication is to provide you with on-going information on how we work with clients to provide innovative geospatial solutions, both products and services, throughout Asia.


Our eNewsletter will present you with application articles, quick links to additional information, and share current news and events.  In this first issue, we review some of Credent’s 28+ year history of providing clients with innovative solutions, some of our recent activities, and how Credent differentiates itself from others in the industry.

LiDAR data of an open pit mine

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  Introduction to Credent: A Long, Successful History


Credent Technology has been a leading provider of geospatial information products and services in Southeast Asia for over 28 years.   Established as a wholly owned subsidiary of Intergraph Corporation in 1982, the company focused on the implementation of GIS and Mapping systems during its first 18 years.  Leveraging their heritage and experience, in 2000 the company’s management teamexecuted a management buyout.  The resulting locally owned company, Credent Technology (Asia) Pte., was well positioned to become the leading regional geospatial services enterprise with a focus on providing business process services for utilities and telecommunications, aerial sensor systems, and remotely sensed data collection services.

“We came from a very broad background of selling Intergraph CAD systems since the days of big iron … DEC minicomputers PDP, VAX … when digital mapping was still thought of as a CAD application,” said Bill Love, Managing Director of Credent. “We handled all Intergraph applications from CAD/CAM/CAE, process engineering, mapping, utilities AM/FM (automated mapping / facility management), public safety, computer aided dispatch.  Over time, we gradually focused more on utility mapping, digital mapping / photogrammetry / aerial sensors and inertial referencing systems.   Clients look to Credent to consult with them to find a solution to a problem …rather than simply meeting a specification for a task!” noted Love.

From government agencies to corporations and educational institutions, Credent has won the confidence of clients from varied industries in both the public and private sectors. Over 200 enterprise-scale customers around Asia have grown to trust that Credent can complete the task at hand and deliver a high quality product.



  Credent Technology Today and Into the Future:


Today, Credent is structured into two business units, Business Process Services (BPS) and Geospatial Solutions Division (GSD).  Where BPS focuses on providing professional services to the communications, energy, public utilities, and transportation sectors, GSD is all about geospatial products and services.

  • The Business Process Services  group provides professional services including consulting, systems integration, application development, customization, information services, and training in support of complex IT solutions.   “We aim to bring a fresh approach to our customer's IT solutions through innovative local design and engineering combined with the best technology from leading global suppliers,” said Love. “Credent empowers governments and enterprises to connect and collaborate seamlessly in an increasingly connected society where access to information is vital.”
  • The Geospatial Solutions Division provides a diverse mix of products and services, and comprises the core business for Credent, including data acquisition, data processing, aerial sensors and accessories, and turnkey systems.  Included are industry leading digital mapping cameras from Vexcel Imaging (a Microsoft Company) sold through our partner company Imagemaps Pte Ltd (, a complete line of accessories such as inertial measurement and positioning systems from Trimble/Applanix, and digital photogrammetry and imaging technology from leading providers including PCI Geomatics and SimActive. Starting in 2006, Credent’s GSD embarked on a bold strategy to become the regions premier data collection and information services company.

Sensing the ever increasing value of 3D information, Credent decided to focus on providing its clients with more than just high resolution aerial and satellite imagery.  After much review, the company began offering information captured by one of the newest remote sensing technologies, airborne LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging).  And even though there were several companies already operating LiDAR systems in the region, Credent has applied the same innovation and creativity that has set it apart throughout its entire history.  From the beginning, Credent was determined not to be “just another LiDAR company”!  

In 2007, Credent partnered with Intermap Corporation ( to fly their cloud penetrating airborne radar system (IFSAR) over the country of Malaysia, creating the first high resolution digital terrain map of 100% of the country.  Today, the NEXTMap Malaysia data set is available and can be purchased by the square kilometer from numerous resellers            (e.g.


To support the sophisticated processing requirements for both the IFSAR and LiDAR data collections, in 2008, Credent formed Credent Advanced Technologies Sdn Bhd (CAT), a Multimedia Super Corridor (MSC) accredited company located in CyberJaya, Malaysia.  The dedicated LiDAR / IFSAR data processing center is the largest of its kind in Malaysia




  Our Approach:


Over the past 4 years, Credent has collected, processed and delivered over one  million hectares of LiDAR data for customers all over S. E. Asia.   One key to Credent’s rapid success is its approach of working with partners and clients to provide them with what they both want & need.  For some, this translates into basic processing of the raw LiDAR data.  However, for many others, the creation of geospatial information products assists them in quickly obtaining the information they need for their project’s success.

Innovation is something Credent has continually brought to the marketplace throughout its history, and it will come as no surprise that the company is now applying this same formula for success to its LiDAR acquisition offerings.  Examples include:

  • The acquisition and operation of 2 different types of LiDAR systems (one large & one small), enabling the company to offer clients the right sized and priced equipment for different types of projects.  So whether a project requires LiDAR data acquired “low and slow” from a helicopter (Kestrel) or “high and fast” from fixed wing aircraft for large area coverage (Optech), Credent has the right system for your project!

  • Another example of bringing fresh ideas to the market is Credent’s recently introduced multi-tiered pricing plan for LiDAR collections.  In addition to standard pricing, Credent now offers customers with more flexibility on the timing of their collection - an option that provides significant discounts.

So what has enabled Credent to stay on top of the geospatial information services game and evolve into the leading remote sensing company in SE Asia? According to Love, three key elements differentiate Credent from other competitors:  “People, Knowledge and Technology.”



  Upcoming Events: Map Asia Conference



For those of you able to attend the upcoming MapAsia conference ( being held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, from the 26th – 28th of July, please stop by our exhibit booth (#9 & #11) and say “hello”.   We will be showcasing some new additions to our product offerings plus results from recent LiDAR collections.



Where We Are Working:





Seminar press release:  Credent Technology, a leader in providing geospatial technologies in SE Asia for more than 25 years, hosted its first informational seminar on Airborne LiDAR Technology & Solutions in Jakarta on Thursday 3 June 2010 at the Hotel Bidakara.  The audience of  50 professionals represented private industries, numerous government agencies and universities.  In addition to providing an overview of the LiDAR technology, the seminar focused on specific applications such as mining, forestry, civil engineering and incorporated application demonstrations including one by Ida Farida, Senior Manager – Mining Solutions, of Mitrais showing how the LiDAR data can be utilized in the company’s Minescape software.  A panel of presenters from North America, India, and Singapore joined with local staff from PT Credent Tecknologi to host this informative seminar.  For more information on LiDAR data acquisitions, please contact Credent Technology at


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