3D Laser Mapping for Indonesian Forestry Seminar hosted by Credent Technology

June 15, 2011, Jakarta – Credent Technology Asia together with PT Credent hosted a seminar on LiDAR mapping for Indonesian forestry. The seminar was attended by over 70 professionals from forestry and related industries including; plantations, NGOs, investors, concessionaires, government and universities. The key message of the seminar was to confirm the application of value-added LiDAR data for forestry.

International speakers, including Bill Shepherd from ESRI, Art Klassen from Tropical Forest Foundation (TFF), Jim Leach (Forestry Consultant with Ata Maria Group), Indrawan Suryadi from The Nature Conservancy (TNC), Miguel Fredes and Paul Pearson (GMP Group) spoke of the value of LiDAR in forestry based on their own experiences, while Ron Behrendt and Lee Hon Chuan from Credent, educated the audience about LiDAR fundamentals and how to specify a LiDAR collection project for a client’s perspective. Bill Love, Managing Director of Credent commented “We were privileged to have a great line-up of international speakers. The seminar was well received and reinforced with excellent audience participation through question time and discussion. We all learned a lot from one another“. Participants can continue a dialogue with Credent on the seminar subject matter through Facebook. Credent is planning a follow-up workshop in August to demonstrate software innovations in development for professionals working in Tropical Forests. This workshop will be jointly hosted with ESRI Indonesia.

About Credent Technology (Asia) Pte Ltd
Credent offers airborne LiDAR, colour and colour infrared imagery collections for 3D mapping projects. The resulting products are used in forestry, mining, energy transmission, transportation, environment impact studies, cadastral mapping flood mapping and mitigation, and urban planning. Credent has been a leading provider of geospatial solutions and services in the region for 25 years.