Velodyne launches a new high definition rotating LiDAR sensor head – the new HDL-32E sensor, smaller, lighter, highly robust and reliable as ever before!

The new HDL-32E measures only 5.9” high and 3.4” in diameter, and weighs only two kilograms! Its diminutive size and weight make it ideal for all LiDAR applications, especially those with form factor constraints and smaller budgets.

The HDL-32E employs 32 lasers aligned from +10 to -30 degrees to provide an unmatched vertical field of view together with Velodyne’s patent pending rotating head design, delivers a 360 degree horizontal view natively.

Up to 800,000 points per second is generated as a point cloud with an effective range of 100 metres accurate to +/- 2centimetres.

All this, together with a user-definable spin-rate between 5 and 20 rev/sec, and the accompanying 360 degree point cloud collected at the defined frequency output in a single data stream makes the HDL-32E a truly indispensible part of your sensing needs.

The HDL-32E is able to operate in temperatures ranging between -40 to +85 degrees Celsius, and is designed for protection with an IP rating of 67. In the most unforgiving environments, you can be sure of its hardened structure giving you the best performance.