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  NEWSLETTER • Issue 3 • August 4, 2011         





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Technology Manager



Dominic holds a Bachelor of Science (Geophysics) from University of Alberta, Canada and more recently a MBA from University of Southern Illinois. Dominic has been on Credent staff since 1992 in technology roles including Programmer, Analyst, Application Engineer, Project Manager, and GIS Consultant.


During this period he has been involved in a wide variety of projects and large systems implementations including Land Information Systems (LIS), Cadastral Survey and Mapping, Automated Mapping / Facilities management (AM/FM), Cartography and National Mapping, Location Based Services, C4I systems; and served across south east Asia and most of Asia Pacific.


Because of his extensive experience he is now our Chief Scientist although strictly speaking his title is “Technology Manager”.


Dominic is currently heavily involved in the development of our LiDAR services - managing the data processing and developing a customized work flow. This includes developing additional functionality and applications to enable Credent to generate specific 3D information products from LiDAR and aerial imagery to satisfy clients’ unique requirements.





Rama Murthy Panangipalli, Senior Engineer  Dip. Engineering, India, 1997


Ganda Situmorang, Sales Consultant (Forestry)       Bachelor Degree (Forest Products Technology), Bogor Agricultural University (IPB), 2002







Optech – Credent attended Optech’s Innovative LiDAR Solutions Conference (ILSC) in Toronto (31st May – 3rd June, 2011). We were impressed with the technology directions in both hardware and software and plan to take advantage of these in coming months. In particular, advances in their navigation and LiDAR operation software will result in better flight planning and more efficient collections – good news for both Credent and our clients as this will help to reduce the aerial collection cost. Also an upgrade in the post processing software, currently rolling out, will mean better accuracy and consistency in the data sets. Credent has already invested in the initial upgrade and is evaluating the optional extensions



17 - 19 October 2011

Asia Geospatial Forum

Hotel Mulia Senyan

Jakarta, Indonesia

Geospatial Convergence - Paradigm for Future




October 2011
ESRI Indonesia and PT Credent jointly hosting LiDAR Point Clouds in GIS For Foresters Workshop




Greetings from the Managing Director


Welcome to the latest edition of Credent’s LiDAR newsletter. At this time we would like to bring our readers up to date with the events of the first half of 2011 during which we continued to focus on LiDAR in tropical forestry; a field where we are developing unique expertise and desire to share our knowledge with industry.


To this effect, we recently hosted a seminar in Jakarta, attended by around 75 people. See Ron Behrendt’s report on the seminar later in this edition.

Our feature article looks at the practical application of
LiDAR and 3D mapping to harvest management with particular reference to Reduced Impact Logging (RIL). The authors compare the cost of conducting forest inventory using traditional field techniques versus modern mapping.

We are introducing a Simple
LiDAR Data Viewer (SLDV), which is designed for viewing and interpretation ofLiDAR point clouds in forestry and will be available for download from Credent's website. Our research and development division is engaged in a project to help estimate forest biomass (and therefore carbon value) directly from a LiDAR point cloud. We hope to conduct some field tests in Q3 with the aim of a product offering by early 2012. See our product spotlight section for more details.

Following the seminar last month, we are now planning a technical workshop to offer hands on experience with
LiDAR point clouds in ArcGIS for foresters. The workshop, tentatively scheduled for October, will be jointly hosted with ESRI Indonesia. ArcGIS v10.1 has some extraordinary capabilities for ingesting and managing LiDAR point clouds. Credent, as a LiDAR services provider, together with ESRI which is making industry leading strides in managing point clouds in a geo-database, find excellent synergy teaming together to offer an end-to-end solution to collect, manage, analyze, interpret LiDAR and publish value-added geo-information products. Partners & Events section has the details.

This year Credent has an ambitious capital investment plan and we are excited to make an announcement regarding an aircraft later in this edition. We are not neglecting the need for investment in human capital either and the spotlight on staff section introduces some of our personnel.

Checkout the see where we are working map. We are usually willing to take on last minute jobs when they are in the vicinity of our current projects. You can use the Get a Quote facility on  to indicate your interest.

Finally we would like to introduce our new Facebook page.

I hope you find this edition interesting. As always we welcome your feedback. To keep in touch and see our latest news in real time, just "LIKE" our Facebook page.

Best regards,

Bill Love


Please send any comments you might have on this newsletter or suggestions for future articles to the Publisher,  Thanks!



LiDAR Technology Offers Practical Solutions To Your Mapping Needs

by  Ron Behrendt & Art Klassen 


Tropical Forest Foundation (TFF)


Credent Technology

June 2011


Frustrated that you can’t seem to get reliable, operational scale maps produced despite all that mapping technology your staff is using?  A solution is finally available!  In 2010, an innovative remote sensing technology, known as LiDAR (Light Detecting And Ranging) was field tested in Indonesia. The results show great promise for providing a wide range of standard as well as dramatically enhanced mapping and analysis options available to the management team of a typical forest concession.



Utilizing LiDAR, measurements are made in 3 dimensions (X,Y, and Z).  When operated on an airborne platform such as a fixed wing airplane or helicopter with the LiDAR system viewing down, the system can map terrain, land cover (vegetation), and structures (buildings, power lines, etc.) with accuracies measured in centimeters.


To read the rest of this article, please go to:  (







Singapore, 1st July 2011: Credent Technology Asia announces its purchase of a new survey aircraft to support its airborne data acquisition services in south east Asia.



Credent selected the Cessna 208B, also known as a Grand Caravan, due to its extraordinary reputation for safety, efficiency and ruggedness. Far from rugged however is the VIP cabin configured with executive leather seats, refreshment centre, and polished wood trim. “We need a multi-role aircraft that performs efficiently as a survey platform while also appealing to the needs of executive charter clients” said Bill Love, Managing Director and Chairman of Credent. “The turbine engine is a key factor for both performance and safety and we had to break the dependency on AVGAS [aviation gasoline used in standard piston engines] which has to be shipped and trucked to the project site - wasting valuable time” explained Love. “AVTUR [also known as Jet A-1 fuel] which is used by nearly all jet and turboprop aircraft is available from Pertamina at every airfield regardless of size” he added.

Credent’s growing LiDAR business in Indonesia will occupy most of the aircraft hours and any balance is expected to be sold as charter flights to executive clients in the mining, oil & gas and plantation industries.

As a survey aircraft the Caravan’s high-wing configuration offers a stable platform with an economical survey speed of 130kts and ferry cruise at 170kts. The new caravan will be equipped with a so called “glass” cockpit meaning, all digital displays including high definition colour weather radar, traffic advisory & warning system, oxygen (for high altitude ferry flights) and air conditioning. A large sensor port with electronic sliding doors will be installed in the hull to accommodate a range of different sensors that can be installed and operated simultaneously. “This will be a superb aircraft” said Love. “It seems like overkill for a survey aircraft but we are totally focused on safety, efficiency and long term protection of our investment”, he said.

Credent has already hired a Chief Pilot and Mechanic. “A brilliant aircraft is of little use without a good pilot and we have been fortunate to recruit an exceptional captain with survey experience” said Love.

The brand new aircraft was ordered directly from Cessna and will be delivered later this year to be based at Halim airfield, near Jakarta.




Diverse Group Attends Credent’s First

3D Laser Mapping for Indonesian Forestry Seminar



A group of more than 70 people from a wide variety of organizations attended Credent’s full day seminar held this past June in Jakarta, Indonesia.  The audience was informed about the latest capabilities in airborne LiDAR surveys for forestry applications and treated to presentations by seven speakers from Indonesia, Singapore, Canada, and the United States.



Speaker’s topics included An Introduction of ArcGIS for LiDAR, LiDAR and Image Processing in ArcGIS for Carbon Accounting,  REDD Readiness Progress: MRV and Consultation, LiDAR and Image Processing in ArcGIS for Carbon Accounting, The Use of LiDAR for Vegetation Cover Mapping, Biomass, Carbon Measurement, and Integrated Land Use Planning, LiDAR Technology Offers Practical Solutions to Mapping Needs, and How to Specify, Acquire, Process & Costs of a LiDAR Survey.  Organizations making presentations in addition to Credent Technology included Esri International, The Nature Conservancy, the GMP Group, the Ata-Maria Group, and the Tropical Forest Foundation.



Based on a feedback survey provided by attendees after the seminar, a significant percentage (85%) said they would attend a Credent sponsored LiDAR informational seminar in the future with 93% specifically interested in attending a workshop on how Esri's ArcGIS software can take advantage of and utilize LiDAR data.   


For more information on future seminars and workshops hosted by Credent Technology, please contact: Mr. Ganda Situmorang ( or Mr. Lee Hon Chuan (