Credent Technology's First Seminar on Airborne LiDAR Technology & Solutions

Credent Technology, a leader in providing geospatial technologies in South East Asia for more than 25 years, hosted its first informational seminar on Airborne LiDAR Technology & Solutions in Jakarta on Thursday 3 June 2010 at the Hotel Bidakara. The audience of 50 professionals represented private industries, numerous government agencies and universities. In addition to providing an overview of LiDAR technology, the seminar focused on specific applications such as mining, forestry, civil engineering and incorporated application demonstrations including one by Ida Farida, Senior Manager - Mining Solutions, of Mitrais showing how the LiDAR data can be utilized in the company's Minescape software.  A panel of presenters from North America, India, and Singapore joined with local staff from PT Credent Teknologi to host this informative seminar.

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