Digital Sabah is an innovative program developed by Intermap Technologies Inc and Credent Technology. The goal of the program is to address both the needs of the Government of Sabah and the industry by cost sharing . This will make highly accurate base mapping data of an entire State more affordable to acquire.

Credent Technology is the catalyst to the success of the Digital Sabah Program due to our excellent relationship with the Sabah Department of Lands and Surveys. Credent value add to our customers by introducing new technology and building relations with customers in the region for Intermap solutions. With the penetration into Sabah, we have created business opportunities like selling data (end product ) or providing all services to the customers. Credent?s counterpart in Malaysia, Antaragrafik (Sabah) Sdn Bhd have worked closely with Credent HQ and have contributed in the coordination of the project and providing excellent services to the customers. This is a good example of successful Credent collaboration with our principals and local partners. We aim to implement this in other regions and countries.

Credent Technology first introduced Interferometric Synthetic Aperture Radar (IFSAR) technology to Sabah Land and Survey Dept in Feb 2007. Together with Intermap, Credent has developed a Digital Sabah Program in next 10 months and successfully bought in Intermap IFSAR aircraft on Christmas Eve last year. The Program intends to collect this data using Intermap?s fleet of aircraft equipped with Intermap?s IFSAR system which was done successfully during Dec 2007 to Jan 2008 in Sabah. IFSAR is a day/night all weather sensor that provides highly accurate geographic information in a digital format. This digital data is used to create digital radar images and elevation, contour data and to extract feature information for the creation of Topographic Line Maps (TLM"S). The Digital Elevation Models (DEMs) and Ortho-rectified Radar Imagery (ORI) created will be delivered in digital format for use in the Department of Lands and Surveys, other departments of the government of the State of Sabah and commercial customers.

Processing of radar data and production of Digital Elevation Models and Ortho-rectified Radar Imagery is now underway performed in Intermap Processing Centers in Denver, CO (USA) or Ottawa, Ontario, Canada under the supervision of a representative of the Department of Lands and Surveys. Data editing will then be conducted at Intermap editing centers in Ottawa Canada. The data is then transferred back to the Sabah to be stored on an archive server under the supervision of a delegated department of the Government of Sabah.

As part of the program, there will be training scheduled in Jun 2008 for an initial cadre of personnel on the creation of the production of topographic maps (up to 8 people for 10 days). Data feature extraction and Topographic Map Production is envisioned to be conducted in Sabah or other parts of Malaysia by the Sabah Department of Lands and Surveys or other in country partners.

We target to launch the Digital Sabah Data during MapAsia 2008 on Aug 2008. Credent will be the sole agent for Digital Sabah Data and will setup a Digital Sabah data distribution centre in KK later this year.